Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Group

Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Group was established in 1973, The Adams Board of Cooperative Educational Services has evolved to provide a wide variety of cooperative programs throughout its long history.

While many BOCES groups provide special education and other services, the primary function of the Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Group has been to provide risk management and insurance services to our member districts.

Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Group Self Insurance Pool

For over 30 years we have been providing insurance services for our Members.  In 1979, Adams County School Board members formed the first Self Insurance Pool in Colorado to provide stability in insurance rates and to make sure that coverage was available to Adams County Schools.  Through the ups and downs of the insurance market cycles the same team of five school districts have cooperated to provide liability, property and workers’ compensation insurance coverage for our member districts at reasonable and consistent rates.

Group purchasing through Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Group also provides participating member districts’ employees with group life and Employee Assistance Program.


We Value

  • professionalism that reflects a commitment to service,
  • integrity and transparency,
  • fostering quality relationships,
  • open and honest communication,
  • prompt, professional service (“we are there when you need us”),
  • flexibility to adapt,
  • innovation.

Mission Statement: 

Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Group has a proud heritage of providing premier risk management, insurance and cost containment solutions, with a commitment to professionalism, integrity and long term relationships through:

  • Providing creative, customized solutions while achieving superior results,
  • Building value by creating the atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, and innovation,
  • Engaging in open, honest and timely communications; and
  • Pursuing growth while optimizing member satisfaction.


  • All members will engage in innovative risk management principles to improve the internal and external environments of their organizations.
  • All members will experience preferred risk solutions; and
  • The group will assure cost stability for all members.


  • Claims and Insurance Management: We will establish cost effective and appropriate insurance solutions to protect members’ assets. We will promptly adjudicate claims and ensure proper claims handling procedures.
  • Safety and Loss Control: We will cultivate safe work practices through engaging and interactive safety training.  We will partner with our members to proactively and efficiently contain cost.
  • Growth: We will consider new partnerships for effectiveness and value.
  • Financial Stability: We will leverage the power of pooling to provide financial stability and ensure open and accurate accountability of assets.